ANTEM 2012 update

ANTEM Symposium

15th International Symposium on Antenna Technology and Applied ElectroMagnetics
25 – 28 June 2012 – Toulouse

IEEE - APS - URSI - GDR Ondes - SEE - University of Manitoba

The ANTEM Symposium is a biennial international conference addressing all aspects of antennas, electromagnetics and radiofrequency systems including research and development, design, technical issues, simulation, methods, algorithms, software and emerging topics and technologies.

The 15th International Symposium of ANTEM (2012) will be hosted by CNES. This will be the second time that ANTEM is held in France, the first time being in 2005 in Saint-Malo. It will be a great pleasure to receive you in the heart of southwest France, in the context of the Toulouse Space Show.

Please note that during the following week, EUROEM 2012 will also take place in Toulouse, providing a forum within the international scientific and engineering community for electromagnetics.

The ANTEM symposium will provide a combined program of contributed papers and invited seminar speakers.

All accepted ANTEM papers will be published on IEEE X-plore®

The main topics are:

Metamaterials and EBG antennas
Compact antennas
Antennas for space applications
High efficiency antennas
Reconfigurable antennas
Multiband, wideband and UWB antennas
Antenna electrical testing
Low cost antennas for terminal
Planar and conformal antennas
Antenna interaction with structures and antenna coupling
Antenna theory and design
Analytic and numerical methods
High power devices
Antenna and devices for high frequency (from Ka band to Terahertz)
MIMO, smart and signal processing antennas
Subwavelength optics
Focusing systems, lenses and reflectors RFID technologies
Innovative array antennas
Integrated antennas and systems
RF exposure assessment
Propagation and related topics

15 February 2012

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15 March 2012

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31 March 2012

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15 April 2012

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