Confirmed general lectures at AT-RASC 2015.

Confirmed General Lectures
AT RASC 2015

"What did Maxwell do and how did he do it: An overview of Maxwell's Treatise".
Arthur Yaghjian, Research Consultant, USA

“Energy-efficient textile antenna systems for body-centric communication and sensing”
Hendrik Rogier, Ghent University, Belgium

“Bioelectromagnetics as applied to implantable devices and neurostimulation: from an artificial retina to restore vision to the blind, to cortical and peripheral neurostimulators”
Gianluca Lazzi, University of Utah, USA

“Remote sensing of ocean salinity”
David M. Le Vine, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

“Time-reversal physics and innovation”
Mathias Fink, Institut Langevin, France
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