Procedure for considering applications for Young Scientist Awards at the 2014 General Assembly and Scientific Symposium.

URSI will again be offering awards to support young scientists to attend the 2014 General Assembly and Scientific Symposium to be held in Beijing, China, from 16 to 23 August 2014. This note is intended to explain to Member Committees and Commissions the procedure for considering applications for Young Scientist Awards.



15 February 2014        deadline for paper submission

15 March 2014           Commissions report to the Secretary General about paper acceptance of YS applicants

1 April 2014                Member Committees should send their ranking of applicants to the Secretary General

Mid April 2014            Standing Committee on Young Scientists decides who shall be offered awards

Late April 2014           Awards will be announced on the URSI website


Application Form

A copy of the 2014 conditions for Young Scientist Awards is enclosed.  Note that applications need to be done electronically by going to the same website used for the submission of abstracts/papers. This website is

A web-based form will appear when applicants check “Young Scientist Paper” at the time they submit their paper. All Young Scientists must submit their paper(s) and this application together with a CV and a list of publication in PDF format to the GASS submission web site.


Applicants will qualify for consideration of an award if:

(1) they are less than 35 years of age on 1 September 2014;

(2) should have a paper, of which he or she is the principal author, submitted and accepted for oral or poster presentation at a regular session of the General Assembly and Scientific Symposium.


Role of Member Committees

URSI Member Committees are asked to rank the applications received from applicants in their country
(via the URSI Secretariat).  The rank should be in order of merit for receiving an award.  

Committees are free to do the ranking in whatever way they feel appropriate but the following guidelines are offered.

Desirable characteristics of applications:

a.       High potential benefit to the applicant of attending the General Assembly and Scientific Symposium and the high benefit to URSI of the presence of the applicant.
b.       The subject of the proposed presentation should be of strong interest to radio scientists.
c.       Good clarity of presentation.  Clearly written abstract with the concepts explained to readers, bearing in mind that only a one-page abstract is published.
d.       Strong preference for applicants who have not attended a previous General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (but they might have attended other URSI conferences/symposia).  Only in exceptional circumstances will applicants from developed countries be offered a second award.


The technical merit of the abstract is not being assessed by the Member Committees.  This will be done by the appropriate Commission.

Member Committees should send their rankings to the Secretary General by 1 April 2014.


Role of Commissions

The abstract submitted by the young scientist applicant will be assigned to the most appropriate Commission. If the Commission Chair thinks that another Commission is more suitable, the abstract should be forwarded to the other Commission Chair and an e-mail message containing this information should be sent to the URSI Secretariat at . The selected Commission should consider whether the abstract is of sufficient merit and technical value to be accepted.  If it is acceptable it will normally be presented in one of the sessions organised by the Commission. Commission Chairs may wish to consider the young scientist papers at the same time as the regular submissions, but it will assist the process of offering awards if the assessment process can be dealt with speedily.

Please respond to URSI Headquarters no later than 15 March 2014 giving the decision on the abstract.


Role of URSI Standing Committee on Young Scientists

A sub-group of the Committee will use the rankings of the Member Committee and the acceptance or rejection from the Commissions to allocate the limited number of awards.  This will be done as fairly as possible but giving some preference to young scientists from developing countries who would otherwise have no opportunity to attend a General Assembly and Scientific Assembly. 

The aim will be to achieve a good geographic and technical distribution of awards.


The awards will be announced on the URSI web-site late April 2014.


Questions and enquiries

If further information or clarification is required, please contact the URSI Secretariat, e-mail or