URSI Commissions - Selection


A - EM Metrology (standards, time, frequency, etc)

A - Metrologie EM (standards, temps, frequence, etc)


B - EM Fields and Waves (theory, experiments, propagation, etc)

B- Champs et Ondes EM (theorie, experiences, propagation, etc)


C - Signals and Systems (telecom, spectrum, use, coding, etc)

C - Signaux et systemes (telecom, spectre, usage, codes, etc)


D - Electronics and Photonics (materials, CAD, storage, etc)

D - Electronique et photonique (materiaux, CAD, entreposage, etc)


E - EM Noise and Interference (noise, environment, etc)

E - Bruit et interference EM (bruit, environnement, etc)


F - EM Propagation and Remote Sensing (atmosphere, oceans, etc)

F - Propagation et detection a distance EM (atmosphere, oceans, etc)


G - Ionospheric Radio and Propagation (modelling, etc)

G - Ionosphere radio et propagation (modele, etc)


H - EM Waves in Plasma (instabilities, interactions, etc)

H - Ondes EM dans les plasmas (instabilites, interactions, etc)


J - Radio Astronomy (observations, techniques, etc)

J - Radioastronomie (observations. techniques, etc)


K - EM in Biology and Medicine (exposures, medical, etc)

K - EM en biologie et en medecine (expositions. medication, etc)