Vision (purpose, nominations) / Vision (buts, nominations)

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a) to promote, within Canada, international programs in Radio Science and Canadian participation in international activities sponsored by URSI so as to ensure maximal benefits to Canada;

b) to promote within URSI international activities which are relevant, or of special interest to Canada and to coordinate all aspects of Canadian participation in discussion and dissemination of the results of such activities;

c) to formulate Canadian positions with respect to URSI activities and to advise Council on Canadian participation and on the activities of URSI and the CNC/URSI;

d) to act as a channel of communication among URSI, NRC, Canadian scientific societies, scientists and Canadian industry.


a) Members of the Committee
shall be appointed by the National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (HIA) on the nomination of the Committee.
The Committee shall nominate more than one person per position.

b) Members shall include

i) a Chair, Past-Chair and Secretary;

ii) Canadian Representatives of the ten URSI Commissions:

                      * * * URSI Commissions * * *

A - EM Metrology (standards, time, frequency, etc)

B - EM Fields and Waves (theory, experiments, propagation, etc)

C - Signals and Systems (telecom, spectrum, use, coding, etc)

D - Electronics and Photonics (materials, CAD, storage, etc)

E - EM Noise and Interference (noise, environment, etc)

F - EM Propagation and Remote Sensing (atmosphere, oceans, etc)

G - Ionospheric Radio and Propagation (modelling, etc)

H - EM Waves in Plasma (instabilities, interactions, etc)

J - Radio Astronomy (observations, techniques, etc)

K - EM in Biology and Medicine (exposures, medical, etc)

iii) Canadian residents who are officers of URSI or who are Chair or Vice-Chair of international Commissions as ex-officio members of the Committee;

iv) Special members who may be appointed on the recommendation of the Committee for a specific purpose and for a limited term;

c) Due regard shall be taken of the geographical and linguistic distribution of  membership, as well as adequate representation of all disciplines covered by URSI;
whenever possible the membership should include at least one member for each of the following regions: the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada.

d) Whenever possible, an institution shall not be represented by more than one member of the Committee.

Amended in April 1999 - NRC International Relations Office

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* 1. Buts du comite

a) promouvoir, au Canada, les programmes internationaux d'URSI et la participation canadienne aux activites internationales d'URSI pour donner un benefice maximal au Canadiens;

b) promouvoir dans le monde les activites internationales d'URSI qui sont pertinentes pour le Canada et coordonner les aspects de la participation canadienne dans les discussions et la dissemination des resultats de ces activites;

c) formuler les positions canadiennes envers les activites d'URSI et aviser le Conseil sur la participation canadienne et les activites d'URSI et du CNC/URSI;

d) agir comme canal de communication entre URSI, CNRC, les societes scientifiques canadiennes, les scientifiques et l'industrie canadienne.

2. Nomination des membres

a) Les membre du comite seront nommes par l'Institut Herzberg d'Astrophysique (IHA) du Conseil National de Recherches Canada (CNRC) sur la recommendation du Comite. Le comite recommendera plus d'une personne par position.

b) Les membres incluent

             i) un President, un ex-president, et un Secretaire;

            ii) un Representant canadien pour chacune des 10 commissions:


                                * * * URSI Commissions * * *

A - Metrologie EM (standards, temps, frequence, etc)

B- Champs et Ondes EM (theorie, experiences, propagation, etc)

C - Signaux et systemes (telecom, spectre, usage, codes, etc)

D - Electronique et photonique (materiaux, CAD, entreposage, etc)

E - Bruit et interference EM (bruit, environnement, etc)

F - Propagation et detection a distance EM (atmosphere, oceans, etc)

G - Ionosphere radio et propagation (modele, etc)

H - Ondes EM dans les plasmas (instabilites, interactions, etc)

J - Radioastronomie (observations. techniques, etc)

K - EM en biologie et en medecine (expositions. medication, etc)


iii) Les residents canadiens qui sont des officiels de l'URSI ou des Presidents ou vice-presidents de commission internationales d'URSI sont membres ex-officio du comite;

iv) Certains membres speciaux nommes sur la recommendation du comite pour un but precis et un temps limite;

c) On tiendra compte de la distribution geographique et linguistique des membres, et d'une representation adequate de toutes les disciplines de l'URSI; autant que possible, on aura un membre ou plus de chacune des regions suivantes: provinces atlantiques, Quebec, Ontario, Ouest canadien.

d) Autant que possible, on ne prendra pas plus qu'un membre d'une meme institution sur le comite.

Amende en avril 1999 - CNRC Bureau des relations internationales

(traduit en 2010)