CNC/URSI Commission Member Tasks

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* Job Description for a CNC/URSI member (representing a specific Commission):

Although it may be somewhat inappropriate to specify a "job description" for a volunteer position of this type, we hope that the people who agreed to fill these appointments will do what they can for the CNC/URSI. This, then, is a suggested list of basic responsibilities of a CNC member, representing a Canadian URSI Commission:

  1. To compile and maintain an up-to-date mailing list of radio scientists and engineers in the country who are actively engaged in research in your particular commission area. Normally you will receive a copy of the existing list maintained by the previous Canadian URSI Commission representative [copy available from the CNC Secretary].
  2. To provide a list of (typically 3 to 5) names of colleagues who would appreciate receiving copies of the "Radio Science Bulletin" sent free of charge to them directly from URSI HQ in Ghent, Belgium (assuming they are not already URSI correspondents).
  3. To attend the annual meeting of the Canadian National Committee, usually held near the last Monday in April or the first Monday in May in Canada.
  4. To attend, if possible, the URSI General Assembly held every three years, and its commission business meetings and to participate in the affairs of your particular commission (ie: election of International URSI Commission Chairs, selection of scientific meetings, resolutions, etc.).
  5. To attend, if possible, URSI sponsored scientific meetings of your commission which are held between URSI General Assemblies and to participate in URSI business as required.
  6. To respond to requests from the International URSI Commission Chair. For example, you may be called on to organize a session for the URSI General Assembly.
  7. Since the Canadian URSI Commission representatives serving on the CNC/URSI represent all of Canada's radio science community, you should attempt to keep colleagues active in your commission area well informed of URSI activities and opportunities (eg: URSI Young Scientist Awards, etc.), especially those who do not already have access to this information through the Radio Science Bulletin.
  8. When possible, be prepared to nominate Canadian or International Commission colleagues for URSI positions and awards.
  9. When necessary, bring important scientific matters or achievements in your commission area to the attention of the Canadian National Committee and to the International URSI community.
  10. At the IEEE AP-S/URSI North American Radio Science meetings, which are traditionally held in Canada every six years, you may be called on to help form the joint technical program committee consisting of Canadian and United States National Committee members. These duties may include the review of conference papers or organizing the session associated with your commission.
  11. If and when a URSI General Assembly is held in Canada, the prime responsibility for it lies with members of the CNC/URSI (although the Local Committee looks after the organizational details while International URSI sets the scientific program).


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* TACHES d'un membre du CNC (representant d'une Commission)

C'est plutot difficile de decrire les taches pour un volontaire, mais nous esperons que les membres feront leur possible. Alors, les voici:

1. Compiler et maintenir a jour la liste des scientifiques et ingenieurs radio au Canada, engage de facon active en recherche couverte par votre commission. Assurez-vous de recevoir cette liste de la personne que vous remplacez [copie du Secretaire].

2. Compiler une liste de 3 a 5 noms de collegues qui apprecieraient recevoir le "Radio Science Bulletin" gratis du URSI HQ a Ghent, Belgique (s'ils ne sont pas deja Correspondents URSI).

3. Etre present a la reunion annuelle duCNC, souvent etant tenue au Canada le dernier lundi d'avril ou le 1er lundi de mai.

4. Si possible, etre present a l'AGA de l'URSI tenue aux 3 ans, avec ses reunions de commissions, et participer dans les affaires de votre commission (ie, eelctions de presidents des commissions internationales d'URSI, selection de rencontres scientifiques, resolutions, etc).

5. Si possible, etre present aux reunions scientifiques de votre commission, tenues entre les AGA de l'URSI et de participer aux affaires de l'URSI si requis.

6. Repondre aux requetes du President de votre commission internationale d'URSI. Par exemple, pour organiser une session lors de l'AGA d'URSI.

7. En tant que Representant de votre communaute canadienne, essayez d'informer vos  collegues actifs informes des activityes et opportunites d'URSI (comme les Prix URSI pour les jeunes scientifiques, etc), incluant ceux qui ne recoivent pas leRadio Science Bulletin.

8. Lorsque requis, soyez prets a recommendaer des collegues pour des positiuons ou prix canadiens ou internationaux d'URSI.

9. Si necessaire, apportez des resultats ou affaires importantes dans votre commission a l'attention du CNC et de la communaute internationale d'URSI.

10. Lors des rencontres IEEE AP-S.URSI North American Radio Science, tenues aux 6 ans au Canada, vous pourriez aider au programme technique conjoint consistant de membres du CNC et du US NC. Ces taches pourraient inclure une revue des papiers de la conference ou l'organisation d'une session pour votre commission.

11. Lorsque l'AGA d'URSI est tenue au Canada, les membres du  CNC en sont les 1er responsables (meme si le comite local s'occupe des details organisationnels, et le programme scientifique est fait par URSI international).